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Antiaging Wunderkind I: Paul's Other Accounts:

Dating Advice:

  • OK, thus far you've:
    1-Restored the youth
    2-Obtained the bling
    3-Retained the cred
    4-Updated the look

    But, re-entering the dating scene can still intimidate the most stalwart paladin, the most intrepid latte sipper.

    Enter Very Pretty Geekbabe:

    In love with both Star Trek and Juicy Couture, X-Minus One and Urban Outfitters, she will now attempt to resolve your dating conundrums.

    Your Question:

Paul's Doting Cliquettes

  • Bobgoblin: "He's cute, I'll admit! Though many men who look more like forty are also cute"
    Paul's Reaction: True. George Clooney and Russel Crowe, to name a few. And, throw John Bon Jovi in there and we have the makings of a list. :-)


    Kathleen: "You have a very cute face"
    Paul's Reaction: Blushing


    Isee: "He looks like a young, sun-starved Elrond"
    Pauls Reaction: More half-elf than elf.


  • Clerk at Hess: "Oh Jesus"
    When: After seeing ID for cigarette purchase


  • Tommy: "I don't know what's in the water you drink, but you look like you're still in Xaverian"
    Comment: A fine gentleman. Yes, men can be cliquettes too!


  • Selene: "You look like you just got out of college"
    Result: This lets Paul enjoy a 4th just-out-of-college phase, each one better than the last.


  • Charlotte: "You are way up there and putting it together well!"
    Paul: Ever-improving.


    Zeehobbit: "Though pretty in a gothic sort of way, he frightens me."
    Paul: Excellent, Mr. Renfield, EX-cel-LENT.


    filbypott: "He's very well preserved for a man of 40."
    Wunderkind I: Indeed.


  • Pandora: "I must say that I enjoy both your style of writing and your insightful comments"
    Reaction: A tasteful cliquette, for sure.


  • Rosanna: " If that is you; you rock!"
    Modesty fading: "I know"


    travellyr: "of course they look young, THEY HAVE NEVER SEEN THE SUN!" StarryBeing Wunderkind1: Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines.


    JPeace: "introducing antiaging4geeks- iSchizophrenia-
    anemia-mania-techno-blog" Impressed: that may become our catchphrase!


    snapples_apples: "I'd say your boyfriend (who is cute, sure) can ascribe his youthful looks to staying out of the sun and a good set of genes." Geekbabe: You are sweet. I don't know what came over me that day.


  • The Damsel Fay: "I love you, Honey Bunny"
    One cannot improve on this.


    Many more to come.
    Too many to list at this time.

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Honorary Antiaging Wunderkinds:

  • Michael Hanson at 33.50 Years Old
    The blogger who got fired from Microsoft is a baby faced wunderkind underneath the Van Dyke.
  • Kevin Rose at 30.74 Years Old:
    Digg's chief architect has an almost Euro-prettiness going on. Keep the geek-apps coming!
  • Peter Rojas at 31.50 Years Old:
    We like him: urbane, articulate, dark hair, fair skin, youthful, photogenic.
  • Cory Doctorow at 36.63 Years Old:
    Geeky cool, youthful, perhaps a bit contrarian, full of cred. We like him.
  • Chad Hurley at 30.08 Years Old:
    He looks like a royal with his unkempt elegance.
    So handsome, so successful.
  • Bill Gates at 51.57 Years Old:
    Life is kind to the wealthiest man/most famous geek: the all important baby face to go along with everything else.
  • Nat Friedman at 30.48 Years Old:
    This Linux genius cannot take a bad picture. He is quite literally overflowing with youthful exuberance here.
  • Jason Calacanis at 33.99 Years Old:
    Undeniable baby face. Lifestyle, diet, and a cherubic facial shape affect this honorary wunderkind's appearance.
  • Bruce Sterling at 50.42 Years Old:
    Such refreshing boyish charm and, let's not forget, cyberpunk brilliance. A definite honorary wunderkind.


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