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June 24, 2008


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Dr. James Resnick

Since the Dr. Sinclair study was published in Nature a flood of dubious companies, most with some variation of the word resveratrol in their name, have sprung up. One even makes his capsules in a rented house in Florida. Consumer Lab, an independent supplement testing authority, evaluated the major brands and found many lacking in content and quality. The approved brands that that passed their evaluation were Biotivia, Transmax and Bioforte. A product by Life Extension Co. failed badly with only 26% of the claimed resveratrol. Another brand, Revatrol, had virtually no trans-resveratrol in its supplement. The ConsumerLab test results are available on their web site.


Dr. Resnick,

Wow. Sounds like unbiased research being bent toward biased ends.

I am replying to comments today, so I will check out the Popular Mechanics article and the ConsumerLab results to get up to speed.

Thanks for the 411. :)

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