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August 13, 2008


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I was almost hooked. Thanks for the info that most likely saved me money, time and undoubtedly, frustration. I've got to say, these marketing sites get more clever all the time!


NP, Charlie,

It almost looks like the website of the Mayo Clinic or something.

A big pharmaceutical looking building, a name that sounds alot like the legitimate American Aging Association http://www.americanaging.org/news/apr05.html

We are not generally stool pigeons here: this is our only post of the sort.

And, now, actually, when you click on the link, it takes you to a site with a new blog look that is called Julie's Review:
It may be one person doing all this!

That is actually impressive. :)


Chrissiann Bul

That is a bad photoshop job of superimposing the typed words "American Anti-Aging Association" onto an image of a building! LOL
I actually am a student in the very medical school that Caracol cream fraudulently claimed endorses them, so i notified our legal team here and they got right on it. Now the fake "Anti-Aging site" must put a disclaimer at the bottom of their site stating that website is purely to sell Caracol cream, and also Caracol was forced to remove our medical school's name as an endorsement. We NEVER endorse scammers. I do not believe also that NBC, CNN, etc endorse them either. They are faking these endorsements in hopes that nobody will check them out. I also noticed they previously used images from facelift and laser procedures on their Caracol site -- the EXACT same images. These individuals also have similar scamming websites toting weight loss teas, free goverment grants, to name a few. They really have their hands into as many scamming pots as possible.

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